Choosing a Broker for Your San Diego
Commercial Property Sale, Purchase or Lease

Investing significant time and energy in choosing a broker for your San Diego commercial property sale, purchase or lease will pay huge dividends in the long run. Consider the amount of money you're about to invest or divest, along with the effect your future location and facilities will have on nearly every aspect of your company. You'll soon agree: your San Diego commercial property sale , purchase or lease is a major undertaking.

Start by asking for commercial broker recommendations from others who have bought, sold or leased commercial property in San Diego . Your banker or space planner can probably recommend one, as can a commercial real estate attorney or an architect who work with commercial brokers on an on-going basis. Unlike many commercial real estate brokers, MBA Commercial offers full service San Diego brokerage services including leasing and sales, along with property management, tenant representation and financing.

Ask the brokers you interview for examples of what they've accomplished in the past for other clients. While you're at it, ask for the clients' contact information, so you can speak directly with them as to the broker's performance. Is the broker well-connected with other San Diego commercial property companies and builders? What was his most recent sale, purchase or lease ? Does he have a proven ability to negotiate on his clients' behalf? Does she attend professional seminars to further her education in this ever-changing field? Does the commercial real estate firm have the resources to meet your needs?

At the same time, you'll want to choose a broker with whom you're comfortable. Does she strike you as an individual of high integrity? Does he have a high energy level and the appropriate time available to devote to your company?

Finding the right broker for your San Diego commercial property sale , lease or purchase should be a significant part of your business plan as you look long term: three, five and ten years out. In the next part of this article, we'll explore additional tips you'll want to consider as you narrow down your list of potential brokers, particularly if you're looking at office space.

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