Tips on Finding the Ideal San Diego Commercial Rental

Leasing a San Diego commercial rental - or one in any other city - can sometimes be a challenge to a small business owner, especially one new to the market. Whether you are building a small business or a large organization, you know the challenge and the excitement of seeing your business reach the point that you need a commercial rental. Even with a commercial broker to guide you through the process, this list of insider tips will help you know what to look out for as your begin your search for your perfect San Diego commercial rental.

What Do We Need?

Before you even start looking for that ideal commercial rental in San Diego, you'll first need to determine your various needs. For instance, what are your new square footage requirements? What do you like/ not like about your existing space? For retailers, what portion of the square footage will be used in retail versus storage and workspace? For office and industrial space users, what is the breakdown of space you need for offices, common areas, break rooms, storage and warehousing, etc.? What are your electrical, plumbing and computer needs? Your broker can recommend a space planner, if you don't already have one.

Know Your Business

Understanding the requirements of your business is the next step in finding your perfect San Diego commercial rental. Will customers visit your location? Do you anticipate walk-in business, or will customers call for appointments? Does your business make use of natural resources? How are your goods delivered? Does your business involve chemicals or excessive noise that might fall under the zoning restrictions? Make a list of your business-specific requirements.

Find your customers

Next, identify your customers and determine how you can best meet their needs. If you are moving a business operation into a new city or rural area, find out as much as possible about population trends and demographics there. Your broker can help you gather this information from a number of sources. Once you know who you're trying to reach, you can determine where you're more likely to find customers. For example, if you're opening a coffee house, you'll need a location inside or close to a large office park, or close to major neighborhoods full of stay-at-home-moms or retirees. If you're opening a sign shop, you don't want to be surrounded by residential neighborhoods where your business customers can't find you. Good research will help you find the best location.