Tips for Finding Your Ideal San Diego Industrial Real Estate, Part One

If you're looking for San Diego industrial real estate , you need to know upfront that leasing industrial space is quite different from leasing office space or a residence. Start your search armed with the information you'll need to find the most attractive industrial space at the optimum price. Here are some tips to make choosing the best location for your business a little easier.

Start with a Business Plan

Understanding the needs of your business is the first step in finding your best San Diego industrial real estate location. Will customers visit your location? Do you anticipate walk-in business, or will customers call for appointments? According to your plan, how much company growth should you expect in the next two years? Five years? How are your goods delivered? Does your business make use of natural resources? Does your business involve chemicals or excessive noise that might fall under San Diego zoning restrictions for your industrial real estate ? Make a list of your business-specific needs.

Determine Your Needs

Next, figure out the type of industrial real estate space you'll need. You'll need to have a good idea as to your requirements for phone, broadband data service, HVAC, gas, water and electricity. You'll need to ensure that the industrial space you select among all San Diego real estate locations can provide adequate power for lighting and operating necessary equipment. Take all your needs into consideration when looking at space: storage for raw materials and finished product, a production area or assembly line, ceiling height, column spacing, dock-high or drive-in truck access, signage, offices and rest rooms.

Location, Location.

What are your requirements with regards to freeway access, airports, public transportation, parking requirements and, possibly, rail access? How often do you receive shipments? Is there a specific area of San Diego industrial real estate that will be more beneficial to you than others? Are there major road renovations or expansions either in process or coming soon that will impact your business?

Drive through industrial zoned areas where you might want to locate. Look for "space available" signs with names and phone numbers to call for information. Interview the brokers offering promising San Diego industrial real estate and ask to tour suitable spaces at terms you could afford.

Make a Preliminary Sketch

Try to develop a preliminary layout that takes into account all aspects of your industrial operations. Think about the kind of building access you'll need. Are the doorways large enough for deliveries? Will your industrial space require docks? Be sure to include utility connections for each piece of equipment. With this information, you can determine what type and how much industrial real estate you'll need.

In the next article, " San Diego Industrial Real Estate Services", we'll look at additional guidelines plus learn how your broker can aid your search.