Enlisting a Broker to Help You Find Office Space for Lease in San Diego

Your San Diego broker should have a breadth of experience in the type of commercial property transaction you require, particularly if you're looking for office space for lease in San Diego . Not sure if buying or leasing space is the best route to take? Be sure the broker has the expertise in both arenas to help you fully evaluate your options.

Because office leases tend to have minimum time periods, typically five to 10 years, it's important to have a business plan in place before finalizing your San Diego office space for lease . This plan should take into account both employee changes and growth, and revenue projections for the length of the lease.

Look for a commercial broker who is experienced in negotiating and who can work with builders to create provisions in your lease contract in case your office space needs change. For instance, you can request the option to relocate within the landlord's properties during the initial lease term with a minimum penalty. You can also request the first right of refusal on office space for lease adjacent to yours, should your business boom and your space requirements grow. When you interview various brokers, be sure to ask how they would suggest planning for fluctuating space needs.

A good broker will invest time in getting to know your business and your needs. He can help you determine non-negotiable priorities versus other areas in which you bend a little. For instance, perhaps you could be flexible about the area of San Diego where you choose to buy or lease office space , but you absolutely must be located near one of the major interstates, or within 20 minutes of the airport.

In summary, when selecting a broker to help you find office space for lease in San Diego , use this checklist:

* Get recommendations from others who have leased office space, as well as from bankers, attorneys or architects who work with commercial real estate brokers.

* Ask each broker for examples of what they've accomplished in the past for other clients, and get clients' contact information.

* Make sure the broker you choose has a breadth of experience in the type of transaction you require, be it a sale, purchase or lease.

* In meeting with a broker, if you sense that your business will not be a priority to them, cross them off your list.

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