Moving Your Office Space in San Diego

Moving your office space in San Diego , or anywhere, for that matter, is a lengthy and costly task. Perhaps the biggest cost is the interruption to your business while packing, moving and unpacking, but with good planning, you can minimize this disruption.

Several months before you change your San Diego office space , select a well-organized point person to act as moving coordinator in your company, handling all the details such as changing coffee and courier services, revising and reprinting office stationery with your new San Diego address, and liaising with various move-related vendors. The moving coordinator should also organize the seating plan at the new office space , determine furniture and other workstation needs for each employee and order the necessary items, perhaps working with a space planner.

The moving coordinator should select and reserve a moving company at least two months prior to your move to new office space in San Diego . A good commercial moving company can help you create a master moving plan using codes for furniture and box labels, so the disruption to you and your staff is minimal.

How do you find a reliable moving company conducting commercial and business moves? Through a personal recommendation. Ask your building manager or commercial real estate broker for a referral. If your San Diego office space is in a brand-new building, ask other tenants who've moved in ahead of you. Also be sure to ask the moving company you're considering for a few references - and call them. Did their moves go smoothly and according to schedule? Did the movers show up on time and complete the new office space setup according to schedule? Were there any unexpected charges at the end? Was anything broken or lost during the move? If problems arose, how were they handled?

Your moving coordinator should obtain estimates from at least three San Diego moving companies. Each should include a detailed list of the included services, so that you can accurately compare prices. For instance, does the estimate include packing, unpacking of boxes, and disassembling and setting up employee work stations in the new office space ? Are short-term storage services included, if required? Ask for an estimate of packing material and moving supply costs as well. Inquire about the mover's hours of operation. To minimize business disruptions, it's best to move to your new office space during off-hours - typically in the evening or over the weekend.

The moving company you hire to move you into your new office space in San Diego should be licensed and insured; ask to see supporting documentation. In addition, inquire what insurance coverage is included in your move and what costs extra.

You may choose to have your employees pack the materials in their own offices to reduce costs for your move to new office space in San Diego . However, keep in mind the effect this will have on your employees' productivity in the week or so before and after the move. You also run the risk of worker's compensation claims, should employees injure themselves in the process. For valuable items, it's probably best to rely on the moving company to do the packing. Most moving companies will not compensate you for lost or damaged items they themselves did not pack. In addition, for leased items such as copy machines, check with the manufacturer to see if you can have your movers relocate them. Some manufacturers insist on moving these items themselves, and your warranty will be voided if you do not comply.

As moving day draws near, schedule a time that a representative from the moving company can address your staff with tips on packing and other preparation steps. Their experience can provide valuable shortcuts and steps to take to minimize disruption, making your move to new office space in San Diego a pleasant one.