Finding San Diego Commercial Office Space to Fit Your Needs:

The Basics

If you're looking for new San Diego commercial office space , you'll find a plethora of choices in all parts of the county. Whether you're looking for new office digs downtown, close to UTC, in La Jolla or Sorrento Valley, or in other parts of the city - there is a wealth of commercial office space in San Diego right now, making your selection a little easier.

Before you begin your search for the perfect San Diego commercial office space , you'll first need to determine your requirements and budget. As minimum lease terms often extend several years in length, you need to know not only what your needs and budget are now but also project what they will be in years to come - in other words, have a working business plan that includes employee and revenue projections to match the length of the lease.

You'll find that looking for your ideal San Diego commercial office space is very similar to looking for a home. Like a child at Christmas, you'll want to make your wish list of what you'd like and what you absolutely need. For instance, is an impressive entrance and grand lobby important to you? How important is parking? Do you need to be close to downtown, one of the major freeways, or near the train station? Then scrutinize your list, dividing it into must-haves and points of compromise. Your list will help you decide if you're looking for San Diego ' s Class A, Class B, or Class C commercial office space.

Class A San Diego commercial office space includes top-of-the-line buildings, usually with onsite professional management in high-profile locations such as downtown, La Jolla and UTC areas. Often they have ornate lobbies and may include restaurants, banks and even a gym.

Class B San Diego commercial office space is just a notch below, with fewer onsite amenities and a less impressive appearance. Still, these are very attractive sites, typically professionally managed, and in excellent locations.

Class C San Diego commercial office space, typically found in older office buildings or in converted industrial space, will exclude lobbies and many amenities - it's short on frills.