San Diego Leasing Tips

Whether you're in the market for office, retail or industrial space, these San Diego leasing tips should help you choose the commercial space that best suits your needs. In Part One, "Tips on Finding the Ideal San Diego Commercial Rental," we explored the various needs of your establishment. In Part Two, "Tips on Leasing a San Diego Commercial Rental," we looked at another critical factor: location. In Part Three, we'll add a couple more San Diego leasing tips on scrutinizing your potential building and also your competition, and help you weigh in on all the factors.

White Gloves and a Magnifying Glass

Look closely at your potential San Diego lease space. How old is the building? How old is the roof? Is everything up to code? Has the electrical system been improved lately? Can it handle your technological needs? If the roof needs repair or the plumbing is about to undergo a major overhaul, think twice before locking yourself into that nuisance. Besides talking to the landlord, also talk with other tenants, past tenants or neighbors who are "in the know" about your possible future commercial space.

Check Out Your Competition

If you're opening a retail business, a restaurant, or service-oriented operation, you'll want to know how many similar businesses are located nearby. Some communities feature areas with several similar businesses, such as the interior design district of Cedros in Solana Beach or Los Angeles' garment district. You may not want any competitors in the immediate area; conversely, for some businesses, having competition nearby is irrelevant. If the proximity of your competition to your San Diego lease space is important, you'll need to determine whether you can gain enough of a market share in your target location. As you do a competitive analysis, try to determine your competitive edge by offering something your competition doesn't. If you're moving into an area with stiff competition, make sure you have enough resources to hang in there while you make a name for yourself.

Take a Long Hard Look

Cost is obviously a key consideration as you narrow down your San Diego leasing options, but be sure to look at the big picture as well. For example, no matter how attractive the price of a site might be, if your customers can't get there easily, or if the infrastructure can't support the necessary wiring for your Internet company, your business probably won't last very long. Spending more on a good location will probably pay off in the long run with a higher level of business.