San Diego Office Lease

In the last few years, more and more businesses, large and small have decided to lease San Diego office space and relocate to the diverse areas of San Diego County from areas all over the U.S.San Diego has invested heavily in infrastructure to support heavy commercial growth like new highways, transit, air and rail systems.

The City of San Diego has revitalized its downtown area in recent years with new office complexes available for leases, transportation and rail hubs. New residential condos, townhomes, penthouses and lofts are now available for those who prefer to live and work without commuting. Large executive estate homes are available along the coast as well.

In areas like La Jolla and University City near Scripps Institute have modern office buildings leasing at unbelievable prices per square ft., as does traditional beach towns like Carlsbad, Del Mar and Carmel Valley. Growth in traditional commercial/industrial areas like Kearney Mesa, Mira Mesa and Miramar have skyrocketed and offer some fantastic office and retail business locations for start up and for those looking to expand or relocate. Outside of the city are areas like Rancho Bernardo, Sorrento Valley and even areas along the coast where one can find enormous opportunities for leasing or renting beautiful new offices and retail spaces like never before.

In the years ahead, there is no doubt that this area of Southern California will continue to grow with more and more people and businesses moving, or planning to move, to the San Diego area and now is the time to make preparations for that move that you have been wanting to make. The real estate prices are bargains compared to what they will be when the overall economy starts to pick up in other areas. The infrastructure and support systems are in and beautiful office buildings are available at record low rents, the labor pool in the area is highly trained and available and now is the time for that relocation to an area where everyone would love to live and work, and start to enjoy the famous California lifestyle.