Tips for Selecting Your Ideal San Diego Office Rental

Your new San Diego office rental will affect nearly every aspect of your business, and the financial outlay can be a little daunting. San Diego has a myriad of office rental options spread throughout the county, and availability is currently very good. Choosing the right San Diego office rental space can enable your business to thrive for many years to come. Consider these five principles when you're narrowing down your choices.


If you've heard it once, you've heard it a hundred times: location, location, location. It's important to consider when buying a home; it's even more important to consider when you're looking at San Diego office rental. First, your location says a lot about your company's image and will have a direct impact on the direction of your company. Two, you'll need to consider important options such as: do you need to be close to a particular client or vendor? If clients visit your office, how far will they have to drive? How accessible is the location to your employees? What amenities and major thoroughfares are nearby? How bad is congestion in the area? What's the noise level like? Who will your neighbors be? All of these are crucial to consider as you peruse your options in San Diego office rentals.

Architecture and Design

Your San Diego office rental should reflect the image you wish to portray. Buildings with unique architecture and a higher level of amenities echo a more sophisticated atmosphere for your business. It's imperative that your office rental portray a positive first impression; the upscale appearance of your building will help attract new clients and new talent for your staff.

Technical Infrastructure

Be sure that the office rental can efficiently handle your communications, information technology and other requirements. Ask very specific questions with regards to the building's technical infrastructure. Is the broadband access up to date? How modern is the electrical system? Is the HVAC system reliable and effective? Is the HVAC available after hours, and at what cost? Will the building need a major technical infrastructure overhaul in the near future? Are the elevators modern and adequate?


Does the San Diego office rental you're considering have plenty of parking spaces? Are you guaranteed a certain number of spaces? Will you have to pay extra for the parking garage? Often these terms are negotiable with the landlord. Consider your employees and guests, and their access to close, safe parking. Also, check the ingress and egress routes into the parking lot or structure during rush hour.


Take a close look at the building's security systems. What do they entail, and how often are the upgraded? Check with other tenants for any security problems in the area. It's a good idea to check out the office rental at night, looking at security lighting and activity in this area of San Diego .

These five considerations will help you narrow down your choices, as will looking at amenities verses rates in nearby comparable office rentals . Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to decide how cost-effective your first choice for a San Diego office rental will be. If the numbers are close, it may be well worth it for you to pay a little extra for that ideal location, because the right choice may very well contribute to your company's bottom line.