Selecting Your Site from among San Diego Commercial Rentals

Choosing the optimum location from all your choices of San Diego commercial rentals is a time-consuming but critical process to expanding your business. In Part One, "Tips on Finding the Ideal San Diego Commercial Rental," we explored the various needs of your establishment. In Part Two, we'll take a closer look at another critical factor as you look at a number of San Diego commercial rentals, choosing the best one for you.

Location, Location, Location.

The old adage that holds true for the San Diego housing market is also what makes for great San Diego commercial rentals: Location, location, location. If yours is a retail business that would benefit from a strategic location choice, you'll need to put some time and energy into that part of your search. Even if you are not looking for retail space in particular, think about where your customers are and what part of town would best serve them. Do you need quick access to a freeway, another business or the San Diego airport? Are you better served in a suburb office park or downtown? Do you need a mall space, a big box location, or is a neighborhood strip center ideal for you? These details will help you refine your search for the ideal commercial rental.

How's Traffic - and Parking?

If your establishment is a retail, restaurant or service one, this is a critical factor. But for nearly any type of commercial enterprise - you'll want to make sure to choose from among many commercial rentals the one that has what you need. If your business does not have customers driving to your location, then traffic and accessibility are an issue only for your employees. But parking, foot traffic, automobile traffic, and sidewalk accessibility are all important things to consider in San Diego. And don't forget the many San Diego commercial rentals near mass transportation such as the Coaster, the Trolley or the new Sprinter, which may increase your traffic.

How Do We Get There?

Nothing could be more disruptive to your business in your new San Diego commercial rental than to see it disrupted by a major road renovation right in front of your building. Check with the San Diego city and county transportation offices to make sure that access to your commercial rental is in no danger of being unduly affected by temporary road closures, building projects or other city improvements.