Bridge Loan
Commercial Real Estate Bridge Financing

MBA Commercial has short term financing solutions for the most commercial financing requirements on a quick turnaround basis; bridge yourself over until the next stage.

Funding in 7 days is possible with a complete loan package.

MBA Commercial can provide short-term first or second mortgage real estate financing for these types of transactions:

  • The purchase of mortgages either performing or non-performing.
  • The repurchase of debt by an owner at a discount i.e. owner can do a short pay on existing mortgage.
  • Purchase of residential asset and loan pools.
  • Acquisition of vacant or partially leased buildings.
  • Condominium sales with release prices and prepayment options
  • Participating mortgages (equity & debt).

The loans are typically 65% of acquisition costs. The loan to value can be higher with cross collateralization of other assets.

The loan size range is from $3M to $300M. The loan points are from 3% to 6% and the interest rate from 12% to 18% depending on the security.

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