Commercial REO Buyer for Busted Condominium Projects and
Multi-Family REO Projects

Portfolio Buyer / Investor

MBA Commercial currently represents a portfolio buyer/investor with a proven track record that is seeking a portfolio of bulk or individual REO Commercial properties preferably in the western United States and Florida. They have the ability to buy and finish partially sold condominium projects and unfinished construction projects.

They will buy bulk unsold condominiums to bail out developers and/or banks.

In regards to existing multi-family projects, they prefer projects that have vacancy issues or unfinished rehabilitation projects.

Our buyer is ready to purchase Commercial REO portfolio purchases from $20 million to $250 Million.

They have currently have over 20,000 units in their portfolio.

In addition, they will consider portfolios of performing or non-performing commercial loans for multi-family and condominium projects.

The portfolio size can be from $10 million to $250 million.

We are seeking a direct source to these properties.

If you have a direct contact to a potential seller or you are a seller, please contact Brian Yui, MBA Commercial at 858-812-7875.